Jan 17, 2024
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Frore Unveils AirJet Mini Slim: Solid-State Active Cooler Gets Slimmer and Smarter

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Frore Systems has introduced a revamped version of its AirJet Mini solid-state active cooling system at CES 2024. The new AirJet Mini Slim device retained performance of its predecessor (the AirJet Mini), but is slightly thinner, slightly lighter, and smarter too, as it can now clean itself and sense its temperature.

On performance side of matters, the AirJet Mini Slim generates 1750 Pascals of back pressure and can dissipate up to 5.25W of heat (at 85°C die temperature and at 25°C ambient temperature), which is in line with its predecessor. It also maintains an identical footprint of 27.5 x 41.5 mm as the original solid-state active cooling system.

Overall, there are two key enhancements in the AirJet Mini Slim compared to its predecessor: its thickness has been reduced to just 2.5mm, coming down from the previous 2.8mm; and it has become lighter, now weighing a mere 8 grams, down from 9 grams.

Another significant upgrade of the AirJet Mini Slim is its intelligent self-cleaning system, which reverses the airflow to remove any accumulated dust in the filters to ensure consistent performance of the cooler itself as well as device it is cooling down. Frore says that the capability is backwards compatible with the original AirJet Mini, which probably indicates that it is enabled by firmware or software.

Finally, the AirJet Mini Slim introduces thermal sensor — called Thermoception — that enabled the cooler to independently sense its own temperature and adapt its cooling efficiency as needed. This self-contained function is particularly advantageous for devices that cool down things which do not have their own temperature sensors, such as processors, SSD controllers, and memory chips.

All of the refinements of Frore's AirJet Mini Slim serve two purposes: expand the addressable markets for these solid-state active cooling systems and make them more adaptable to needs of customers.

"Reducing the chip's thickness by 0.3mm is a game-changer for products requiring excellent thermal management in increasingly thinner devices," said Dr. Seshu Madhavapeddy, Founder and CEO of Frore Systems. "AirJet Mini Slim will bring much-needed performance improvements to ultra-thin electronic devices like fanless laptops, tablets, and smartphones."

What remains to be seen is when we are going to see Frore's AirJet Mini Slim in actual devices. While there are numerous companies evaluating the technology, so far there are just a handful of products that have reached the market that use AirJet Minis.


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