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Jan 13, 2021
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Geraldo Rivera Supports Impeachment Of Longtime Friend Donald Trump, Says Losing Election Made Him ‘Crazy’

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Geraldo Rivera said he is breaking from “loyal friend” Donald Trump, claiming that the loss in the 2020 presidential race made him crazy and supporting his potential impeachment.

The television personality and longtime supporter of Trump spoke out on Twitter as Congress was prepared to move forward with what would be a historic second impeachment, just days after hundreds of his supporters attacked the U.S. Capitol. Trump has been blamed for the attack, which came after he delivered an incendiary speech in which he implored his supporters to fight back against the certification of Joe Biden’s victory and told them he would march with them from a space near the Capitol.

Though Trump returned to the White House to reportedly watch in excitement, many in the crowd did heed his advice and moved to the Capitol, surrounding the building and many of them breaking in. A total of five people died during the siege, including a police officer who was reportedly bludgeoned to death.

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