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Jan 10, 2021
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Yaslen Clemente Chills In Bed While Wearing ‘Baby Girl’ Tube Top And Tiny Panties

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Instagram model Yaslen Clemente delighted her 2.5 million followers on Saturday, January 9, with a pair of snaps that displayed her killer physique. She wrote a friendly reminder in the caption to stay healthy and hydrated and also tagged her fitness brand, Body by Yas. Almost 30,000 fans hit the “like” button in the course of the afternoon on which the post was uploaded.

Yaslen sat on the edge of a tidy, cozy-looking bed facing the camera. She bent her knees and let her calves rest over the side of the low mattress, seemingly resting her feet on the floor in front of her. Her legs were partially spread, giving an ample glimpse of her shapely, toned thighs.

She pulled the thin straps of her black, bikini-style panties high up over her hips, which beautifully emphasized the swell of her thighs and curvaceous backside in comparison to her slender waist.

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